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Marotta Insurance Agency, Inc.

Security, Protection and Service

Our Companies

We are extremely proud to represent the companies listed below.

Clicking on any of these links will allow you  access to your policy information, make payments on your bill, report a claim or check the status of an existing claim and print your policy documents.

Safety Insurance was founded in 1979 with a belief that we would succeed as a company if customers were given the best possible service. As we've grown and expanded our product line to include a full range of property and casualty insurance products, staying committed to that belief has meant even more. At Safety, we do everything in our power to make it easy for our agents and policyholders to do business with us; and we also do all we can to ensure our clients have the skills to avoid dangerous driving situations and keep their loved ones safe whenever they're on the road.
Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation has provided automobile insurance to New England drivers for nearly 25 years. We are the flagship company of the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.
The Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA) is a residual market insurance association in which all companies writing basic property insurance in the Commonwealth are required to participate with losses shared among the member companies on a premium volume basis. Responding to Federal Legislation, the Massachusetts Legislature in 1968 called for an urban area insurance placement facility and thereby gave rise to MPIUA. MPIUA is also known as FAIR Plan (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements). The FAIR Plan operates similar to that of a normal insurance company in that it underwrites and inspects risks, accepts premium, issues policies and adjusts claims. It has a seasoned professional staff, which provides exceptional service to its clientele.
Thrifty Financial Services, Inc. is fully licensed by the Banking Department of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an insurance premium finance company. Although originally founded in 1988 to provide insurance agents in the Greater Springfield, MA area with the ability to finance their agency customer’s insurance premiums, Thrifty began an aggressive marketing campaign in 1995. Today Thrifty is represented by more than three hundred insurance agencies across the state.